Baby halloween clothes

Dhs. 102.10
Color - Orange

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween outfit for your baby?

Look no further! Our Baby Halloween Clothes are designed with comfort and style in mind. Featuring long sleeves and a pullover closure, these clothes are perfect for any occasion. With 95% cotton fabric and 12-14 stitches per 3cm, our clothes are made with quality materials that are sure to last. Plus, each piece is trimmed clean for a neat and polished look.


🤩Gender Neutral: Our baby Halloween clothes are designed for both genders.
🤩Long Sleeves: Keeps your little one warm and cozy.
🤩Pullover Closure: Easy to put on and take off.
🤩95% Cotton: Made with quality materials for long-lasting comfort.
🤩Trimmed Clean: Each piece is neat and polished.


- Long Sleeves
- Pullover Closure
- 95% Cotton


Simply choose the size you need and put on the baby's Halloween clothes! The pullover closure makes it easy to slip on and off.


Q: What is the fabric made of?
A: Our baby Halloween clothes are made with 95% cotton fabric.
Q: Are the clothes gender-neutral?
A: Yes, our baby Halloween clothes are designed for both genders.

Size selection
 Size bust Length Sleeve
70 cm 31 54 29
80 cm 32 55 30
90 cm 33 56 31
95 cm 34 57 32