Baby head protection pad shatter-resistant hat

Dhs. 96.41
Type: Baby Safety

Are you looking for a way to keep your baby safe while they explore the world?

Look no further than the Baby Head Protection Pad Shatter-Resistant Hat! This product provides protection for your baby's head and back, keeping them comfortable and safe. Made from breathable cotton, this pad is the perfect size at 34*19.5*5 cm/13.39*7.68*1.97 in. But why should you get a shatter-resistant pad for your baby? Babies can't sit still and may hit their heads during playtime. This pad can help protect your baby's after rain from any potential harm.


🛡️ Protection: Keep your baby safe and secure with this shatter-resistant pad.
🧵 Breathable Material: Made from breathable cotton, this pad is comfortable and lightweight.
🤲 Size: Perfectly sized at 34*19.5*5 cm/13.39*7.68*1.97 in.


- Material: Cotton
- Size: 34*19.5*5 cm/13.39*7.68*1.97 in
- Protection: Head and back protection


1. Place the baby head protection pad around your baby's head.
2. Secure the pad with the adjustable strap.
3. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe and secure.


Q: Is the material breathable?
A: Yes, the material is made from breathable cotton for maximum comfort.

Q: What is the size of the pad?
A: The pad is perfectly sized at 34*19.5*5 cm/13.39*7.68*1.97 in.