Baby Beautiful Animal Knee Pads

Dhs. 80.64

Are you looking for the perfect way to keep your baby safe while they crawl and learn to walk?

Introducing Baby Beautiful Animal Knee Pads! These knee pads are designed to provide protection and comfort for your little ones while they explore the world around them. With a cute animal design and made from soft, breathable nylon material, these knee pads are sure to keep your baby safe and stylish.


😍 Cute Animal Design: These knee pads feature an adorable animal design that will make your baby look extra cute while they explore the world.
😊 Soft and Breathable Material: Made from soft and breathable nylon material, these knee pads are comfortable for your baby and won't get too hot.
🤗 Protection and Comfort: Protect your baby's knees while they learn to crawl and walk with these knee pads.


- Material: Nylon
- Style: Cartoon
- Packing list: Knee pad sock *1


Simply slip the knee pads onto your baby's legs and secure them with the adjustable straps. Then, your baby can explore the world in comfort and safety.


Q: What material are the knee pads made of?
A: The knee pads are made of a soft and breathable nylon material.

Q: Are the knee pads adjustable?
A: Yes, the knee pads come with adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit.