Newborn Baby Front Carrier

Dhs. 172.11

Are you looking for a comfortable and secure way to carry your baby?

The Newborn Baby Front Carrier is a perfect choice! With its adjustable straps, adjustable height, and comfortable design, this carrier is perfect for parents on the go.


🤱 Front Holding Type: This carrier allows you to carry your baby in the front-facing position.
🤱 Adjustable Straps: The straps are adjustable to fit your body type and provide a secure fit.
🤱 Adjustable Height: The height of the carrier can be adjusted to fit your baby's size.
🤱 Comfort Design: The design of the carrier is comfortable for both you and your baby.


- Weight: 20kg
- Size: One size
- Color: Various colors available


1. Put the carrier on and adjust the straps to fit your body type.
2. Place your baby in the carrier and adjust the height to fit your baby's size.
3. Secure the straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.


Q: What is the weight limit for this carrier?
A: The weight limit for this carrier is 20kg.
Q: Is this carrier adjustable?
A: Yes, this carrier is adjustable to fit your body type and the height can be adjusted to fit your baby's size.