Bedding Outlet Sloth Blankets

Dhs. 168.28
Color - Blue

Do you want to stay warm and cozy while feeling like you're being hugged by a sloth?

Look no further than the Bedding Outlet Sloth Blankets! These blankets are made from 100% high-grade microfiber, with a soft crystal velvet front and a warm sherpa fleece back. They are perfect for all seasons and will keep you feeling as snug as a sloth in a tree.


🐻 Soft & Cozy: The Bedding Outlet Sloth Blankets are made from 100% high-grade microfiber, making them incredibly soft and comfortable.

🐻 All Seasons: These blankets are suitable for all seasons, keeping you warm and cozy no matter the temperature.

🐻 Durable: The durable fabric of these blankets will last for years to come.


- Material: Polyester (Polyester)

- Fabric: Soft crystal velvet front, Warm sherpa fleece back


1. Unpack the Bedding Outlet Sloth Blanket from its packaging.

2. Place the blanket on your bed or sofa.

3. Enjoy the ultra-soft and cozy feeling of the blanket!


Q: Is this blanket suitable for all seasons?

A: Yes, the Bedding Outlet Sloth Blanket is suitable for all seasons.

Q: What is the material of the blanket?

A: The Bedding Outlet Sloth Blanket is made from 100% high-grade microfiber.