Breast-feeding Pillow Waist Chair

Dhs. 150.66
Color - Pink

Are you looking for a way to make breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient?

The Breastfeeding Pillow Waist Chair is designed to provide comfort and support to mothers while breastfeeding their babies. It is made of pure cotton and filled with polyester fiber, making it soft and comfortable. The round shape and guardrail provide extra support and stability, while the shoulder strap allows for easy portability.


🤱 Made of pure cotton: Soft and comfortable for mothers and babies.
🤱 Round shape: Provides extra support and stability.
🤱 Guardrail: Keeps baby from rolling off the pillow.
🤱 Shoulder strap: Allows for easy portability.


- Pillow core fabric: pure cotton
- Pillow shape: Round
- Filler: polyester fiber


1. Place the pillow on your lap and secure it with the shoulder strap.
2. Place your baby on the pillow and use the guardrail to keep them from rolling off.
3. Enjoy your comfortable and convenient breastfeeding experience.


Q: Is the pillow machine washable?
A: Yes, the pillow is machine washable.

Q: Does the pillow come with a pillowcase?
A: Yes, the pillow comes with a pillowcase.