Children's toilet with armrests

Dhs. 74.07
Color - Green

Are you looking for a safe and comfortable toilet for your children?

Look no further than our Children's toilet with armrests! This toilet is made from PP+ABS material and is 33.5*33.5*15 cm in size. It features a raised front part to prevent urine from spilling, a velcro-reinforced PU cushion, four anti-slip strips on the bottom, and a bayonet fixed and freely adjustable widening the gap in the leg.


💧 Raised front part: Prevents urine from spilling.
🧵 Velcro reinforced PU cushion: Ensures your child's comfort and safety.
🧰 Bayonet fixed and freely adjustable: Widens the gap in the leg for a more comfortable fit.
🛑 Anti-slip strips: Adds extra safety and security.


- Material: PP+ABS
- Size: 33.5*33.5*15 cm


1. Place the toilet on a flat surface.
2. Adjust the bayonet to widen the gap in the leg.
3. Have your child sit on the toilet and adjust the bayonet accordingly.
4. Fasten the Velcro-reinforced PU cushion to the armrests.


Q: Is the toilet easy to install?
A: Yes, the toilet is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions.

Q: Is the toilet comfortable?
A: Yes, the toilet is comfortable and features a velcro-reinforced PU cushion for additional comfort.