Multifunctional baby crib foldable bed

Dhs. 478.81
Color - Violet

Are you looking for a multifunctional baby crib that is both foldable and portable?

Look no further! Our multifunctional baby crib foldable bed is the perfect solution for any parent looking for a safe and secure place for their little one.


🛡️ Safety: Our baby crib is designed to ensure the safety of your child with a secure and sturdy structure.

🐞 Mosquito Net: The crib comes with a removable mosquito net to keep your baby safe from any pesky bugs.

🎡 Play Yard: The crib is also equipped with a play yard and shaker for your baby's entertainment.

🎠 Rollers: The crib is designed with four rollers for easy portability.


- Product volume: 54.5 cm * 18.0 cm * 66.5 cm
- Material: iron
- Style: European


1. Unfold the crib and secure the four corners.
2. Adjust the crib to the desired height.
3. Attach the mosquito net to the crib.
4. Place your baby inside and enjoy!


Q: Is the crib easy to set up?
A: Yes, the crib is easy to set up and requires no tools.

Q: Is the mosquito net removable?
A: Yes, the mosquito net is removable and can be attached or detached as needed.

Q: Does the crib come with any other accessories?
A: Yes, the crib comes with a play yard and shaker for your baby's entertainment.