Washable Cloth Diapers Pants

Dhs. 90.75
Color - 1style: Pink & Blue

Are you looking for a washable cloth diaper pants that is comfortable, safe and stylish?

Look no further than our Washable Cloth Diapers Pants! Made from polyester, this diaper pants is designed to provide your baby with the highest level of safety and comfort. With a wide range of colors, sizes and styles, you can find the perfect diaper pants for your baby.


💧 Waterproof: Our Washable Cloth Diapers Pants is made with a waterproof material, making it perfect for any kind of weather.
💚 Safe: With a Class A safety rating, you can rest assured that your baby is safe and secure.
🔒 Secure Fit: The diaper pants is designed to provide a secure fit, preventing any leaks or messes.


- Material: Polyester
- Safety level: Class A
- Suitable for weight 3-15kg


1. Choose the size and color of the diaper pants that best suits your baby.
2. Put the diaper pants on your baby and secure the fit with the adjustable straps.
3. Enjoy the comfort and security of the diaper pants.


Q: What material is the diaper pants made of?
A: The diaper pants is made of polyester.

Q: What safety rating does the diaper pants have?
A: The diaper pants has a Class A safety rating.

Q: How do I secure the diaper pants?
A: The diaper pants comes with adjustable straps that can be used to secure the fit.